Welcome to Otadan Batik Indonesia – Manufacturer, Supplier, and Mill of Bali Batik Fabric for Quilting

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Manufacturer and Mill of Bali Batik Fabric for Quilting

Otadan Batik Indonesia is presenting Cotton Batik Fabric for Quilting and Clothing to all of you who are enthusiastic in batik textiles with beautiful colors and motifs. The Hand-Dyed batik fabric that we produce will absolutely win your heart and attention and make you fall in love with.

We are a manufacturer and a supplier of Cotton Batik Fabric for Quilting and Clothing and are making good quality and creative designs of Batik Fabric, which all of them are supplied to retailers, importers and distributors.

We are specializing in Stamped and Hand-Dyed Batik Fabric. The handmade fabric pieces available for sale are inspired by scenes, colors, and images from around the world. With the time-honored processes to make our fascinating color of batik fabric, there will always be a place in your heart for batik fabric of our production.

Otadan Batik Indonesia is located in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia and has been in the business since 2007. Indeed, among Batik Fabric Manufacturers all around our city, we may relatively new in the industry, but we actually have been in this industry since from the time of our grandparents.

Who We Are

Otadan Batik Indonesia is a privately owned firm who has the vision to grow the business together with our customers. We are ready to take our business to the next level to spread our market wider.

Bali Batik Fabric for Quilting Manufacturer   Manufacturer of Bali Batik Fabric for Quilting

We work hand-in-hand with our designers and craftsmen, to answer the market opportunities worldwide for Batik Fabric. We always create new motifs which are ready for you to order and are ready to work on any designs inquiry from your genuine idea to be translated into quality Batik Fabric with the mesmerizing color series.

As the affluent orders given to us, we will manage to work in partnerships with reputable craftsmen in our area who known to be reputable and responsible partners to us, and we already have strong relationships with them.

What We Do

Otadan Batik Indonesia is supported by local artisans who are very skilled and experienced in the industry. Currently, our production capacity is 30,000 yards per month, which are promptly delivered to our satisfied customers.

We use a copper block stamp called a cap (old spelling Javanese term: tjap) and use Mercerized Sanforized 50’s and 40’s fabric from Primatexco which is known to be the standard fabric quality for the international market. The fabric then dyed manually by hand.

Click here to look more on production process of our Bali Batik Fabric for Quilting

We have QC staffs to maintain our quality before the fabric is packed and leaves our workshop to deliver to our customers. Our prices are considerably ready to compete against the market prices with no disregard of quality and the sense of the art of product itself.

We are also possible to realize designs of your genuine idea in shape you desire.

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Manufacturer, Supplier, and Mill of Bali Batik Fabric for Quilting


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