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Black Batik Fabric Fat Quarters In The Usa – We are a manufacturer and supplier of Batik Fabric from Indonesia, and have been in the business since 2007. Since then, we are known as a trusted and reliable supplier. We always have a good character, high commitment, compassion, and consistency in the business. Thus, we understand the importance of honesty and integrity in our business.

We are making good quality and creative designs of Batik Fabric By The Yard for the quilting/home-sewing industry as well as other garment manufacturers. We are supported by local artisans who are very skilled and experienced in the industry and make Indonesian Batik Fabric for Wholesale.

Currently, our production capacity is 30,000 yards per month, which are promptly delivered to our satisfied customers.


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We focus on good quality batik at a competitive price. Our products always meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. We have a strong reputation for high-quality batik fabric, as we have QC staffs to maintain our quality before the fabric is packed and leaves our workshop to deliver to our customers.

We have a competitive price by ensuring our price remains market-relevant and have a matching-price option for our customers. Our prices always follow changes in the price of raw materials while still promoting affordable prices.


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The Making Of Black Batik Fabric Fat Quarters In The Usa

We use copper block stamps called “cap” (old spelling Javanese term: tjap) to produce the batik and use 100% cotton 40’s 130/70 44″-45″ wide fabric (for quilting/home sewing industry) and 100% cotton 50’s 133/72 44″-45″ wide fabric (for garment industry) which is known to be the standard fabric quality for international market. Besides, we are also able to produce batik on Rayon fabrics with some choices of construction. The fabric are dyed manually by hand.

With the large number of orders given to us, we have shown our responsibility by succeeding in working to fulfill these orders. We are also supported by several artisan partners around us, so that we have the ability to work on large orders but still maintain the quality of the batik we produce. We have proven successful in fulfilling orders from our customers from countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, France, Denmark, South Africa, and some more countries, in continuous fulfillment.


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