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Hoffman Batik Fabrics Manufacturer – Choice of fabric is the absolute most vital consideration for a quilting enthusiast. The fabric that is chosen makes or breaks the beauty of the quilts. In the event that you come across a quilt that isn’t attractive then it has too much to do with the fabric that has been used on it. Experienced quilters always avoid these problems by purchasing fabric only from companies that they know and trust. Hoffman Fabrics, a California based company, has proven its value to quilters all over the country. They’ve existed since 1924.

In the event that you conduct a research on the net on quilting fabrics, the name Hoffman will definitely pop up. Hoffman specializes in screen-printed high-quality cotton and cotton blends. Additionally they produce dyed and hand-painted fabrics. They introduce a fresh distinct fabrics each year and it’s popularly known as’Luscious Balis and colorful prints.’ There fabrics are truly inspiring and its not just a market hype. For a consider the wide variety of fabrics and colors they’ve to provide you with won’t be surprised why they’re the initial choice for quilters all over the country. Not only this, but Hoffman has additionally shown a great deal of support to quilters. Hoffman Challenge, which started in 1987, is proof of this.

Hoffman Bali Batik Fabrics Producer

The company’s family nature is another reason why Hoffman Fabrics is this type of huge success. The daily firm operations are handled three Hoffman generations. It is interesting to notice that a lot of the company’s philosophy of design arises from the 50’s, when the sons of the founder, Walter and Philip Hoffman, joined the company. The organization designs reflected their love of surfing and beaches, oceans and surfing life were common designs. Their knack of finding new fabric printing processes combined using their intense desire for their job, the Hoffman brothers have created a business that every quilter turns to when it comes to a project.

Where You Should Locate A Quality Hoffman Batik Fabrics Manufacturer In Indonesia?

You will find local Hoffman Batik Fabrics factories in Indonesia, and one is Otadan Batik Indonesia. We are a direct maker of batik fabrics for quilting. We’re positioned in Solo, Central Java – Indonesia. We specialized in stamp print batik quilting fabrics on 100% cotton 130×70 40S 44”-45” wide fabrics. In the event that you leave the jobs in making quality batik fabrics, we will be always willing to fulfill your needs.

We can last custom-designed and exclusive patterns that’ll be only produced for you. We’re a factory direct producer so that people will have the ability to appreciate many requirements and keep it exclusively that people won’t ever sell to other companies.

Hoffman Batik Fabrics Manufacturer

We’re experienced supplying to fabrics wholesaler in the USA for quite some time with hundreds of a large number of yards of batik quilting fabrics we’ve already been supplying to the distributors. And of course, we’re always looking for fabrics wholesalers in other continents to spread our market.

If you are an importer, wholesaler, and/or distributor for the batik quilting fabrics/textile, here you have already got the access to the direct maker for batik fabrics for quilting in Indonesia. We’re open for you who want to conduct business with us for batik quilting fabric, from many continents and countries, from the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand NZ, etc.

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